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Roepersfontein Ministries is a manifestation of God, the Holy Spirit, which has the mission of equipping the Bride of Jesus Christ for that great moment when the azure blue of the sky will tear apart and the Bride will meet her Bridegroom in the air.

When talking of equipping the Bride, we refer to a fresh and new revelation of God’s Word, as well as a revelation by the Spirit of God, preparing the Bride for the wedding.

Together with that, is the Godly excitement in the faithfulness of God’s Word, prophecies as well as a spiritual experience that, being the Bride, there need to be no reason for fear and anguish at this stage in time.  Roepersfontein Ministries is founding new congregations throughout the country and wishes to be involved internationally.

We work together, hand in hand, with all believers, churches and ministers who proclaim Jesus Christ as the Resurrected Son of God, the only Saviour of mankind.  Roepersfontein Ministries have sincere compassion for pastors, shepherds and members who are not otherwise granted a fair opportunity.

We are wholly the body of Christ – friendly, irrespective of nationality and language.


Dr. N.F.E. Coetzer